Aldi Produce Picks: May 15th through May 21st

The dates of the Atlanta area Aldi sales flier definitely changed.  The sales now run from Sunday to Saturday.  While I was at Aldi today I noticed that Seedless and Seeded watermelons were both $3.99.  Combine one of those with a pineapple and cantaloupe and you will have a fruit salad for $6.00!!!

This week’s Aldi Produce Picks:
Pineapples: 99¢/each
Canteloupe: 99¢/each
Vine Tomatoes: $1.49/24 oz. bag
Lettuce: 79¢/each

Other items of note in the ad:
$1.19 Baked Beans
79¢ L’ove Fresh Hamburger or hotdog buns
$7.99 Two Gallon Pepper or Tomato Pot (available Wednesday 05/18)

Note: These prices are from the Atlanta ad. Prices may vary per region. Be sure to check your local ad.