Aldi Produce Picks: May 22nd through May 28th

There are very seriously some dealicious Memorial Day produce prices at Aldi this week!!!  Woohoooooo!!!

This week’s Aldi Produce Picks:
Cantaloupe: 99¢/each
Watermelon (seeded or seedless): $2.99/each  **Do you prefer seeded or seedless watermelon?**
Sweet Corn: $1.29/4 pack package
Blueberries: $1.49/pint
Strawberries: $1.29/16 oz container.

And because it is a grilling weekend, I will post a few other highlights as well:
$2.49 – Parkview Griller Sausages (14 oz)
$1.99 – Parkview Cheese Dogs (16 oz)
$1.39 – Clancy’s Potato Chips
$1.19 – Baked Beans
$0.69  – Infuse Thirst Quencher
$2.49 – PurAqua pack of twenty-four 10-oz bottles
$34.99 – 6′ Untility Table

Note: These prices are from the Atlanta ad. Prices may vary per region. Be sure to check your local ad.


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