Aldi Produce Prices: April 29th to May 5th

Here are this week’s Aldi Produce Prices:
Avocados: 59¢ each
Roma Tomatoes: 59¢ per package
Green Peppers: $1.19/3 pack (that’s 40¢ each)
Vidalia Onions: 59¢/per bag
Iceberg Lettuce: 59¢/each
Mangoes: 59¢/each

The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a $5/$30 total purchase coupon in the ad!  This coupon is valid for two weeks.  Woohoo!

Veggies on sale are always a good reason to go shopping!  Seems like a salad could easily be made with the sales items at Aldi this week.

Also, Benton’s Kids Ice Cream Cups (24 ct) are on sale for 99¢.   Are you thinking about summer treats already?  Making your own ice cream with an ice cream maker could save you lots of money this summer!  We have one and I am determined to use it!

A few important reminders when shopping at Aldi:

  • They accept cash or debit card.  No credit cards are accepted.
  • Aldi does not accept manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Bring your own bags.  You can purchase them for as low as 6¢ per bag if you do not bring your own.
  • Bring a quarter for the cart.  It will be returned to you when you return your cart.

Note: This is the sales flier from the Atlanta, Georgia area.