Aldi Supermarket Produce Prices: Through January 12

Aldi Supermarket produce prices always make me very happy!  Little Sister loves mangoes and I love the 59¢ price tag.  It is another awesome week to pick up produce at Aldi!

Here are this week’s Aldi Supermarket Produce Prices:

  • 29¢ – Cucumbers
  • 69¢ – Roma Tomatoes (20 oz package)
  • 79¢ – Little Salad Bar Bagged Spinach (9 oz bag)
  • $1.49 – Tangerines (3 lb bag)
  • $1.99 – Golden Delicious Apples (3 lb bag)
  • 59¢ – Mangoes
Aldi is introducing a brand new exclusive line of All Natural Foods that contain honest ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, or unnecessary enhancers.  I am super excited about this!!  However, I hope I don’t see too much “Natural Flavors” in the ingredients lists.  I read Unjunk Your Junk Food last year and it has really changed the way our family eats.

A few important reminders when shopping at Aldi:

  • They accept cash or debit card.  No credit cards or checks are accepted.
  • Aldi does not accept manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Bring your own bags.  You can purchase them for as low as 6¢ per bag if you do not bring your own.
  • Bring a quarter for the cart.  It will be returned to you when you return your cart.

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Note: This is the sales flier from the Atlanta, Georgia area.