How to Teach Kids to Give

Little Girl Concentrating On Drawing A Picture With Multicolored Pencils

We all want our children to grow up being able to take care of themselves.  Important skills to teach kids in addition to independence include empathy, caring, respect, and generosity.  Teaching kids to think about others and to give to those who are … [Read more...]

I Am Currently Writing a List


I am currently making a list of what is happening in my life right this very minute.  These posts break from the traditional deal posts, but are a fun addition to the Coupons Are Great website. I am sitting at Karate as big sister learns … [Read more...]

Why I Started Blogging

why i started blogging

In my What Makes Me Happy post I talked briefly about why I started blogging.  Here is the whole story for you. As a little girl I grew up in a poor family.  At school we qualified for free lunches many years and reduced lunches all the rest of the … [Read more...]