Tourists in Washington DC on a Frugal Budget

frugal tourists washington dc

All the way back in May I found an incredible deal on airfare to Washington D.C.  Frontier Airlines announced that they were starting flights to Dulles Airport.  To celebrate they were offering $16 airfare on select dates.  I looked at the school … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Utilities

save money on utilities

Saving money in every aspect of our lives is important.  We can use coupons for grocery and drug store purchases, go on frugal dates, or complete free activities to make our budgets stretch.  One area where coupons are not available is utilities.  We … [Read more...]

50 Little Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars

little ways to save hundreds of dollars

By thinking smart and acting smart you will be able to save hundreds of dollars throughout the year.  With the money that you are saving you can establish your emergency fund, grow your savings, and add it to your budget for vacation or a wish list … [Read more...]

My Wish List: Expensive Gifts for Birthmas

my wish list

It's always fun to dream about things that would make our lives easier, things that we want, things that would work great in our house.  My wish list spans a wide range.  Honestly most of the items on my wishlist are high ticket items.  I feel like I … [Read more...]