Family is Great: Our Week In Pictures through March 25

Family is so great.  This week we had a fun week at our house….with only one visit to the pediatrician for allergies.  I calculated and we have seen a doctor every single week for the past 8 weeks.  Everyone looks healthy now….but there is no telling!

This week we jumped for joy for a “and-a-half” birthday.  My older daughter is now five-and-a-half.  These months are certainly flying by!

We took the class pet lobster to our second soccer game.  Lobster tried running on the field, but he was quickly put back on the sidelines.  Sadly, Lobster goes to the next student tomorrow.  He is actually kind of fun to have around.


We participated in the first Easter Egg Hunt of the season and saw the Easter bunny.  One of these days I am going to dig up the scariest Easter bunny picture ever… was a free photo opp at Walgreens and that picture makes me laugh more than anything!

We got out our Scrabble Apple and build words before dinner.  My older daughter (5.5) came up with this “eat randuumb food” block all by herself.  I had to laugh.  The other night they tried something totally new and “random” and were rewarded with a prize from our prize box since they ate it without complaining.

I went to a yard sale at a local church and found this amazing kitchen play set for $5.00.  Oh that’s right – five dollars!  This way a way better five dollars spent than a $5 footlong at Subway.  My girls were sooooo excited.  This is the type of bargain I love!

The last thing we did this week was bring some organization into our house and we started by spray painting a 92¢ cookie sheet.  This project turned out very cute and will be next week’s Crafty Tuesday post!

Family is Great is a new post that we hope to continue every week.  We love posting good deals, but we also love our families and the fun and frugal things we do with them as well.







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    Thank you for sharing! I always love it when you post about your girls! Can’t wait to see more on your pink cookie sheet!

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      Thank you Theresa. I am trying to work on a good mix of posts and hope that people don’t get tired of non-deal posts. I am happy to be doing things that I like to blog about in addition to deals and I hope other people enjoy it too.