Free Book Download: How to Really Love Your Child

Right now you can download How to Really Love Your Child for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.  This book is rated 5 Stars.

Many parents would be dismayed to discover that their child feels unloved. After all, they make sure that their child has the things they need. They attend their child’s school events. They buy their child the things they want. So why is it then that most children doubt that they are genuinely and unconditionally loved?

In this best-selling book, Dr. D. Ross Campbell reveals the emotional needs of a child and provides parents with the skill and techniques that can begin to help make your child feel truly loved and accepted. You’ll learn to really love your child through every situation of child rearing from physical touch to discipline and from affirmation to spiritual nurture.

I think it is important to read the words of experts when it comes to parenting….because this parenting job is HARD!  How to Really Love Your Child is a book that could probably benefit most parents and for a free price tag, I am willing to give it a try!

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