How to Cut a Cantaloupe with Ease and Less Waste

Cutting a cantaloupe is super easy.  The first time my father-in-law saw my cantaloupe cutting technique he looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, but then he congratulated me on being a genius.  Well, maybe not quite a genius, but still pretty smart.  I promise, this is about the only kitchen skill I possess!

The secret to cutting cantaloupe and watermelon is to cut off the rind first.

Then it is so easy to cut into bit size pieces and you waste a whole lot less.

Cut off a slice from the bottom so you have a flat fruit surface to place on your cutting board. I prefer to cut a flat piece off the top as well.  Once you have your cantaloupe (or watermelon) on a flat surface you are ready to cut off the rind.  Go around in a  circle until it is all gone.  Then cut into pieces – bite size or slices.

This is the only way I will cut a watermelon as well.  With a watermelon it is super fun to break out the cookie cutters and make fun shapes.  I do it with the cantaloupe too, but the watermelon has more surface area.

Do you cut your fruit like this? Will you try it now?

Another fun frugal kitchen idea is painting with vegetables. My girls loved this craft!


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    I always cut it in half and scoop out the seeds, then slice it in to slices, then slice each slice into chunks but not go all the way through the rind, then slice the rind off and each chunk falls into my bowl. I never wast much doing it that way.

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    I learned to cut a watermelon that way last summer (thanks Pinterest!) but I hadn’t thought about cutting cantaloupe that way. I have one in the fridge and I think I’ll give it a go – thanks!

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    Interesting, I have never cut it that way! I might try it. I usually cut into pieces, then de-seed, then take the skin off. Or better yet, I make my husband do it! 😉