Kroger: Good Deal on Charmin

There is an awesome deal on toilet paper at Kroger this week.  I cringe when I have to actually pay money for toilet paper because I had enough free toilet paper stock piled to last me a year.  When that ran out I was very sad.  I didn’t blink an eye paying $1.96 for the following deal though!

Kroger is running a  P&G Mega Event.  When you purchase 4 P&G products $4 will be deducted from your total at checkout.  To get some really cheap toilet paper you can do this scenario:

$6.99 Charmin (16 pack)
$2.99 Gillette Body Wash
$2.99 Gillette Body Wash
$2.99 Gillette Body Wash
– $3/1 Charmin e-coupon
– $2 /1 Gillette Bodywash (8/1 RP)
– $2/1 Gillette Bodywash (8/1 RP)
– $2/1 Gillette Bodywash (8/1 RP)
– $1/1 Charmin P&G $100 Savings Booklet
– $4 Instant Savings
Pay $2.96 out of pocket, receive $1 from UPromise towards yours/your child’s education expenses!


  1. Jennifer says

    I now use 100% recycled content toilet paper because the premium stuff is made out of virgin wood and pretty bad for the environment, but I have to say that there are days in which I miss my Charmin. :-)

  2. says


    They had the wrong Charmin in the $4 off P&G products spot in my store, which I didn’t notice until later and when I went back in, they weren’t willing to give me the $4 unless I brought back the tp and exchanged it for the correct tp. It was 103 outside, I told them to forget it and try stocking their shelves correctly. I wonder how many other people didn’t get their $4 off because of that.