My Target Baby Clearance 75% Finds

This morning most of Target’s baby section went 75% (around the Charlotte area anyway).  I guess I haven’t officially announced it on the blog just yet, but I will be having my third little one the end of June/beginning of July so this sale was a big one for me!  We got rid of all our baby stuff after Baby#2 so I need a lot this time around!  The big items like strollers, highchairs, and pack-and-plays are still 50% but everything else (including some bouncer seats) went 75%.  Here’s the loot I scored today:

Fisher Price Bathtub set $29.99— Clearance $7.48
Boppy $49.29 — Clearance $11.08 (was actually $12-something but I had a 10% off coupon to go along with the sale)
Avent Nursing Pads $8.29 — Clearance $2.07
Gerber 4-pack burp cloths $8.99 — Clearance $2.24
Playtex Pacifers $4.19 — Clearance $1.07
Crib Sheet $7.99 — Clearance $1.98
Eddie Bauer Car Mirror $19.29 — $4.82
Carter 2pk blankets $10.99 — $2.74
Baby Bjorn Spirit $80.49 — $20.12
Infantino Cart Cover $20.09 — $5.02
Gerber 3-pack PJ’s $10.99 — $2.74

Total BEFORE Clearance:  $250.59
Total AFTER Clearance:  $61.36

I also picked up several teething toys, rattles, etc for under a dollar (some $0.98, some $0.76) that I didn’t picture here.  I LOVE Target clearance sales!  I’m hoping to hold out on the bigger baby items and get some of those for 75% off too!  Did you get some great finds in the baby clearance today?  Share them here with us!


  1. Tara says

    Nice finds! I picked up:

    Born Free 9 oz Glass Bottles – 4.74
    My 1st Babylegs – 2.48
    Trumpette 3 pk Socks – 2.00

  2. says

    I’ll have to get there to check things out! Funny we have so many friends having their first and we’re DONE! DONE DONE DONE! LOL

    #3 definitely adds a whole new level of chaos that wasn’t there before, but it’s so much fun! The best part is seeing how much they all love each other and how K3 lights up when K1 and K2 walk into the room!

    Congrats and God Bless your growing family!

  3. says

    Great Deals! Congrats! I need to stay out of Target, I should own stock.

    Stopping by from: (life as a wahm) (preschool activities) (custom party planning)

    If you haven’t, stop by, look around, follow back, comment freely – most importantly, ENJOY!

  4. Maria B. says

    I went yesterday to my local Target. Didn’t find great deals like you did, but I did pick up some baby outfits and baby blankets for $2.24. i will have to check some other Target.Thanks for info!!!!!!

  5. Summer says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m having my 3rd in March. I got rid of all of my baby stuff too so I’m pretty much starting over. I will have to go check out our Target and see if they are having the same sale. Congrats on baby #3.