Patriotic Eagle Craft: Fun Activity for Veteran’s Day, Election Days, and More

With Election Day nearing it is important to talk to our children about voting and one easy way to do so is with a Patriotic Eagle Craft.  Election Day is a perfect day to teach children about the national bird of the United States – the Bald Eagle, which appears on the US Seal.

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Create a Patriotic Eagle Craft

Materials Required to Make a Patriotic Eagle Craft
Construction Paper (brown, white, yellow)
Something to draw circles.  We used a cup from the kitchen.

Steps to Create a Patriotic Eagle Craft

  • Trace both of your child’s hands onto brown paper.  Create tail feathers for the eagle by tracing your ring, middle, and index finger together.  Trace a circle onto the brown paper as well.  Cut out these pieces.
  • Create a head for the eagle.  We drew a circle then drew three triangles at the bottom.  We drew spikey hair at the top.  Cut out the head.
  • Cut two small ovals from yellow paper which will serve as the birds feet.  Cut a pointy beak out of yellow paper.
  • Glue the hand prints to the paper.  It is OK if they overlap.  Glue the tailfeathers onto the handprints.   Glue the brown circle onto the overlapped handprint/tail feather piece.
  • Glue the head, beak, and feet onto the eagle.  Allow to dry.
  • Draw eyes onto the eagle.  Outline the eagle with a brown or black marker.   Add marks to the feet to show separate talons/toes.

eagles up close

A few fun facts about the Bald Eagle:

  • They subsist mainly of fish which it grabs with its talons.
  • It builds the largest nest of any bird in North America.  The nest can be 13 feet deep and 8.2 feet wide and up to 2 ton in weight.
  • Bald Eagles are not bald, but instead have a white head.
  • Female eagles are larger than male eagles
  • The Bald Eagle is no longer on the list of endangered species!

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