Target Toy Clearance: 75% Off in Northern Atlanta Suburbs & Charlotte, NC

Today Target marked their toy clearance down to 75% off in many areas across the country.  Here are a few things to remember/know about Target’s Toy Clearance:

  • Target marks downs their clearance toys to 70-75% in January and July.  Historically the July markdown has been the last Thursday of the month.  The January markdown is around the second Thursday in January.
  • While most stores are on the same mark down schedule, not all stores participate (the store nearest me does not – drives me crazy)
  • The mark down team must be working in the section for mark downs to occur.  In my experience, they start between 9:00 and 9:30 am.  The mark down process takes between 2 and 3 hours.
  • Toys will not ring up the discounted price until an employee has scanned the item with the price gun.  Once one UPC has been scanned, the rest of the same toys will ring up at the same discount (ie – if one Care Bear Bubbles rings up 75% the rest of the exact same Care Bear bubbles with the exact same UPC code will ring up 75%).
  • Do not trust the signs! Scan everything! You may see signs for 30% or even 50%.  On toy mark down days almost all toys that have the red clearance tag on them will be marked down to 75%.  Today’s exceptions included Rapunzel and the generic version of American Girl.
  • The toy clearance is not a guaranteed event. But history keeps repeating itself…and we all know that once Target puts those red clearance stickers on a few items that the 75% day is inevitable.  :wink

While I just said this is not guaranteed to happen, this is an event that I save all my Target gift cards for!!!

Today I was excited to find Tinkerbell stuff on clearance as well as the Little Tykes Barbecue set and the Nitro Laptop.  Many of the items I purchased will go to my nephew for his birthday and Christmas or in the girl’s treasure box for filling up their marble jars.

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Did you find any good deals today???