Thanksgiving Craft | Make a Stuff the Turkey Game

Are you in the mood for a Thanksgiving craft? Let us suggest creating a paper bag turkey and make a Stuff the Turkey game.  This is so easy to make!  A plain paper bag turkey can be turned in to a Stuff the Turkey game…..all using paper. This is a great way add family time to your fall day.

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Materials Needed to create a Stuffed Paper Bag Turkey

  • One Large Paper Bag
  • Two Small Paper Bags (you can get these at the Dollar Store)
  • White Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Create you Stuffed Paper Bag Turkey

1) Turning the bag inside out is the hardest part of this project.  Cut two sides of the bag from the top until the bottom.  It is easiest to cut the same two sides.  See where the bag is already glued together?  That is an easy spot to peel apart.  After you have cut the sides turn the bag inside out and recrease all the edges.

2) Tape the edges.  They don’t need to look pretty!

3) Fold down about 4 inches of the large brown paper bag, keeping the fold inside Gather the corners together, fold down, and staple in place. Push out the corners to created a round top.

4) Stuff the two small brown paper bags with newspaper, junk mail, or other paper recycling.  Twist the ends to form drumsticks.  Tape white paper around the twisted paper.  Glue/Tape/Staple the drumsticks to the opposite sides of the body.  If you really plan on using this as a game rather than a decoration I suggest stapling it.  If you staple on the back side no one will see them and they have the best staying power  My girls knocked off the tape drumsticks many times and we didn’t’ have the patience to try glue and let it dry.

5) Create stuffing.  We used crumpled white paper.  You could use yellow paper for corn, red paper for cranberries, purple paper for raisins.  Creating different sizes of balls could yield a fun game especially if you gave them different point values.  A larger piece of stuffing may be more difficult to get through the turkey hole than a smaller piece!  If you have younger children (like me) you can just have them stand a few feet away and see who can get the most stuffing in to the turkey.

We make this easy Thanksgiving craft each fall and my girls LOVE it.  It’s always fun to see their friend’s eyes light up when they realize that they are about to play a really fun game.

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We have created many Thanksgiving crafts over the years.  Be sure to check them out and let us know which one is your favorite!

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