Winners! Lots of them!

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I have a lot of winners to announce.  If you are not a winner and entered, Thank You!  Don’t be discouraged – check the sidebar for even more entries and come back in November since there is a giveaway scheduled a day!

Spookley Prize Pack: #100 (out of 152) – Jessica (jmcghee2024@) (

RandomLine Shapes on-the-go Activity Pad: #57 (out of 95) – Teresa (tchoplin2009@)

Pillsbury Sweet Moments: #95 (range was 2 to 164)  - Bryanna P. (iplaytrack1224@)

Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera: #99 (out of 232) – Trisha Lynn (haydensmommy05@)

Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method: #11 Tonya (jtfilleman@) and #7 Ruth

SonicScrubbers Giveaway: #51 (out of 171) – shala_darkstone (maddiemb@)

Kitten Party DVD Giveaway: #49 (out of 66)-  Mandy Thomas (mandyt@)

Just a heads up, I think this may be the last Winner’s post.  I am going to start using the Winner’s List tab (once I get it up to date that is!).  If you really enjoy being emailed or reading Winner’s posts then my mind could be changed.  Leave me a comment to let me know!

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  1. Soha Molina says

    I;d much rather receive emails about win notices. It;s hard to remember checking tabs to see if I won something.

  2. says

    Harumph. I cannot deny that wordpress owns me at formatting. Sorry for the craziness. I have accepted it or I will spend the rest of the night trying to fix it.