A Little Bit of Independence?

My older daughter, age 4, asked if she could make her own Grilled Cheese sandwich today.  I agreed to let her spread her own butter and put the cheese on the bread.  Instantly my younger daughter, age 3 (my girls are almost 16 months apart in age) asked if she could do the same.  I am all for independence and easy to clean up messes so again I agreed.  I told myself I would not intervene until the end.  Each girl was so proud of her accomplishment.  There was enough butter on each piece of bread to make a batch of cookies, but it was easily fixed!  My three-year-olds bread is the top photo and my four-year-old spread the butter in the bottom photo.

They would make terrific Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches!  Can you imagine what those would look like?