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Hello!  My name is Leandrea, and I have been typing deals here at www.CouponsAreGreat.net, an Atlanta based frugal blog, since 2008.  My goal is to save families money one coupon at a time.  Coupons Are Great provides coupons to help you save on groceries, restaurants, crafts, clothing, and more.

At Coupons Are Great you will find store deals, free weekend activities to do with your family, and more.  If you come around often enough you will even find ways to score free products!

If you are new to using coupons and sticking to a budget then take a peek at Coupon Terminology Explained.  If you have the basics down, then check out Places to Get Free Coupons.  I hope you find ways to lower your monthly budget so you can spend your money on what matters.

I post several times a day throughout the week, with minimal posting on the weekends.  To ensure that you don’t miss the latest deals and freebies be sure to sign up for our free daily newsletter.

About Leandrea:

My family lived on the edge of poverty from the time I was born until the time I left for college.  Our family had fresh fruit on pay day and rice, butter, bologna, beef, and ramen noodles the rest of the week.  My husband and I started dating when we were seniors in high school and were married after we graduated college in 2003.  Having lived in the same town with a high level of poverty, my husband grew up in a financial situation slightly better than my own.  Once we were married and on our own we knew that we had to spend our money smartly or we would continue living the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle that we grew up with.  Coupons are great and helped us stretch our budget in those early years of being married.

After my younger daughter was born in 2008 my coupon usage became a coupon obsession.  After stumbling upon Target’s Annual Toy Clearance by accident I realized that if I could save 75% on toys that I should save more money on essentials like diapers, tooth paste, laundry soap, and groceries.  I decided to start a blog to show my friends and families that they could save money with coupons too.  Shortly thereafter we followed Dave Ramsey’s advice and started an emergency fund and created a debt snowball, excluding our mortgage and student loans.  Getting out of debt and being in complete control of our finances feels fantastic.

I continue using coupons so that I can stay home with my two daughters.  We love to explore the Atlanta area as well as the world around us. The money we save on everyday essentials is used to spend time having fun and making memories together as a family.  If you happen to live in the Atlanta area you won’t catch me shopping with a huge coupon binder though!  I try to be discreet.

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Other Authors Featured on Coupons Are Great

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom to a one daughter and two sons, a scrapbooker, a boater, and of course a coupon shopper!  She has been coupon shopping since she moved to North Carolina in 2002.  As soon as she saw the savings a co-worker had achieved during a triple coupon event she was hooked!  The first few years she really only used coupons associated with triple couponing.  Then she had her first child and became a stay-at-home mom.  Her family needed to cut costs to be able to adjust for losing an income so she dove into coupons and she hasn’t looked back!

“If we won the lotto (which we would actually have to play to win), we would still be a coupon-clipping family because how can you pay full price for anything after you know how many great deals are out there?” – Jessica


Penny is an engineer turned stay-at-home mom to a daughter a year and a half younger than Leandrea’s youngest. Coupons and frugality have been a part of her life as long as she can remember. As a child, she helped her mom sort clipped coupons into categories and find the matching products at the store. She enjoys the challenge of working out the “coupon calculus”, as her husband calls it, to optimize a deal. She also enjoys logic puzzles, crochet, and various needlearts. She blogs occasionally at her site Slightly Squirrelly.