A Story Before Bed: 12 Month Subscription for $48 ($43.20 for new members)

Do you have loved ones who are somewhat technology hip and live far away?  We belong to that group.  We live in Georgia and my in-laws live in Oregon.  Having grandma and grandpa read a bedtime story to the girls isn’t incredibly easy.  Through Mamasource (formerly Mamapedia) you can get a 12 month subscription to A Story Before Bed for only $48.  The value of this package is $795 since you have access to 500 books!  With this 12 month subscription you and your loved ones are able to:

  • Record audio and video of you or a loved one reading a favorite story
  • Watch on the web, iPad or iPhone
  • Perfect for traveling parents, grandparents, or military families
  • Winner of a 2011 Publishing Innovation Award

I just purchased this deal for all of the grandparents who have access to a webcam to do.  To get yours, click here! If this is your first time ordering with Mamasource try entering code MAR10 and ten percent of your order should be deducted!  That drops the price to $43.20.

I have my account all set up and I just called the company to ask if there was a limit on how many stories we could record a month and he said “Record thousands.  There is no limit.”  So, I will be having grandma and grandpa reading a lot of stories this year!

Have you done something like this?  We would love to hear about it!  If not, expect a follow up post within the next month.  Although this deal will be dead at least we will know how it works!