BzzAgent: Receive New Products to Discuss with Friends

If you have friends and like to talk about products then you should be a member of BzzAgent.  You get to try products (shipped to your house for free), start conversations, and then get more free products to try.  BzzAgent works on the Word of Mouth methodology.

The process of being selected for a campaign is easy.  You will fill out a questionnaire to see if you think neutrally to favorably about a product.  If you are a good fit for a campaign you will have a simple questionnaire to answer.  Then a product will be shipped to your house and will arrive via USPS.  Talk to your friends while disclosing that you received the product for free and fill in a few simple reports.

My husband recently signed up for a Pork Campaign.  He was mailed a $5 pork coupon plus other goodies!

In the past we received a Harmony One Universal remote.   That was a very nice item to receive and Bzz about!

If you are not a BzzAgent member then sign up today!  If you are already a member, leave us a comment with the coolest thing you have Bzz’ed about!