Amazon MP3: Share Your Favorite Song, Get a Song for a Nickel Via Facebook

favorite song nickel

Woohoo!  You can share your favorite song and get an Amazon MP3 song for a nickel at Amazon.  Head to Amazon here and share your favorite song (don't worry, if you blank out on your favorite song, there are lots of choices that you can see on the … [Read more...]

Food Bank Shopping Trip: 60¢ for 7 Items

food bank donations september 25

I did some food bank shopping today and paid 60¢ out of pocket for 7 items.  The cans of chili were 20¢ each after doubled coupon.  The Stayfree pads were actually money makers because they were free ($2.00 each minus a $2.00 coupon) and I received a … [Read more...]