American Girl Sewing Patterns

free american girl sewing patterns

Sewing for dolls can be easy and fun!  With American Girl Sewing Patterns you can take scraps of fabric and turn them into a customized outfit for your little girl's favorite doll.  The American Girl Sewing Patterns will work with other 18 inch … [Read more...]

Free ebook: Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management – Valued at $49.99

mastering the leadership role in project management

If you have a business type person in your life (or you are that person) then don't miss the ebook Mastering the Leadership Role in Project Management: Practices that Deliver Remarkable Results [Kindle Edition] that is free on Amazon today.  This … [Read more...]

Rite Aid: Print Now 4 Free Playtex Pacifiers Starting August 12

playtex ortho

Do you have a baby or a baby shower to attend?  Do you like picking up freebies and donating them to those in need?  Then don't miss the FREE Playtex Pacifier deal at Rite Aid starting August 12.  Print the Playtex Pacifier coupon now because it may … [Read more...]