Compliments for Coupons – Day 31

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Today marks the day we reach lucky number 100 on Compliments for Coupons!  Thirty-one days ago we started on a journey to email our compliments to 100 companies.  As the days have gone on we have watched as our mailboxes have filled up with coupons – even free product coupons!

The last three compliments are to awesome companies.  I *KNOW* that each of these companies have mailed out free product coupons to consumers who have emailed their compliments. When you give Lofthouse your birthday they send you a free product coupon on your birthday as well. I am looking forward to that sweet treat in December. Woohoo!  Today’s emails go to:

98. Country Bobs
99. Lance Crackers
100. Lofthouse

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month long challenge.  I will be selected one random compliment on the Compliments for Coupons posts (Day 16 to Day 31) and sending a $5 Amazon gift card to that person.

If you are late to Compliments for Coupons you can check the master list of all 100 companies we contacted.  In a few weeks I will post what coupons I received.  If you have any photos you would like to share, we would love to share them!