Crafty Tuesday: Create a Plastic Bag Kite

For those of us who like frugal projects that bring hours of fun, the Plastic Bag Kite does not disappoint!  When it is windy out and you think to yourself “Gee, it would be fun to go fly a kite today, but we don’t have one.”  The solution is eco-friendly, fun, and frugal!  Head to your pantry and grab a plastic bag.  Along the way find scissors and some ribbon/string/yarn.

Creating a Plastic Bag Kite is easy.  All you have to do is tie the string around the handles of the plastic bag.  Pinch the handles together, tie the string around them, leave length so it flies, and tada!  You are done! Head to a grassy area and let your child run with their new kite that didn’t cost you any money.

If you have several different colors of yarn it is always nice to let children decide which color they want to use.  Giving them control in projects helps foster their independence and critical thinking.
child flying plastic bag kite

As my friend Mary Poppins taught me at a young age, “Let’s go fly a kite!”  If there is no wind in your area today maybe we can inspire you with one of our previous Crafty Tuesday posts.