Displaying Children’s Art Work – How to Make a Wooden Wall Art Magnetic Display

How to make a magnetic wall art display

Displaying artwork and photos can be tricky when what you want to display constantly changes.  Picture frames are a chore, tape on the wall doesn’t look all that pretty, and a refrigerator can only hold so much stuff.  If you are anything like us then the thought of drilling another hole in your wall makes you cringe.  On Pinterest (of course!) I saw A Little of This, A Little of That’s post about her art display and knew that we would do something similar in our house that did not involve any screws or nails.

With the power of Command Strips and Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape you can make this adorable display without damaging your walls.

Material Required to Make a Children’s Wall Art Display Without Any Nails or Screws

  • 1 x 8 Board – Cut in half at your home improvement store.  Aren’t those guys kind of the best?
  • Spray Paint (don’t get the 99¢ can – it is 99¢ for a reason.  I kind of want that dollar back, but it was a good lesson and I hope you don’t make the same mistake).  A glossy finish is a nice touch!  * Acrylic paint will work too.
  • Scrap to spray paint on – newspaper or an old box
  • Metal strip – found at the home improvement store
  • Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape
  • Command Picture-Hanging Strips
  • Magnetic clips

Steps to Make a Children’s Wall Art Display Without Any Nails or Screws

  1. Spray paint your board. You do not need to spray paint the back since that will touch the wall.  Allow to dry completely
  2. Using Scotch Outdoor Mounting Tape (found at Lowes) adhere the piece of metal to the painted wood.  We used a razor blade to cut the tape in half and used 1/2 on each piece of wood since we made two Children’s Wall Art Displays.  Now admire your work.  Doesn’t that look pretty awesome?  I thought so!  Don’t be worried about using this tape.  My father-in-law is a contractor and he was the one who recommended this.  He said he uses it often in his line of work! If it’s good enough for a contractor then it’s good enough for me!

How to make a magnetic wall art display

3. Once you have your board with your piece of metal attached it is time to stick this to the wall!

How to Apply Boards to the Wall without screws or nails

4. Decide where you want your board to go.  You may even want to see if you have a level.  Mark the wall where the board will go.

5. Place Command strips on the wall.  Put one in the middle’ish and one on each end.

6. Align the board with the strips already on the wall, mark with a pencil, and then place the Command hooks on your piece of wood where you marked.

7.  Allow the Command strips to dry for an hour.  (If you have a Magic Eraser and made marks on the wall, now is the time to use it to erase those marks).  Then apply the board to the wall matching up the Command strips.

8. Add magnetic clips to the metal and artwork to the clips and you are all set!  You can add as many (or few) magnets as you would like and can position them wherever you would like.  I fell in love with this idea because it is so customizable!

Overall I think we were a little under $40 total for this completed project.  We bought good wood because we didn’t want to worry about sanding or splinters.

** Note: We tried this project with magnetic spray paint and it did not work.  At all.  We tried our strongest magnet and our weakest magnet and both didn’t stick at all.  So if you are thinking about using magnetic spray paint, let me save you the money.  Don’t do it!  We didn’t try the paint on magnet paint so I cannot vouch for that.

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