Do It Yourself Sharpie Coffee Cup Craft

The crafty goodness that is Pinterest has led to many DIY Sharpie Coffee Cup & Dinnerware DIY posts.  This craft post follows along with the Pinterest phenomenon and give some tips and pointers for creating your very own personalized coffee cup.  There really is nothing better than immortalizing your child’s work at this exact moment in time.  My daughter’s assistant teacher retired a few months into the school year and we wanted to do something fun for her gift.  My daughter said that the teacher loved coffee, so a customized Do It Yourself Sharpie Coffee Cup was perfect!


Materials Needed to Make a Do It Yourself Sharpie Coffee Cup

  • White porcelain coffee cup or mug.  Grab a plate or bowl while you are at it to make a set.  I bought our cup at Kroger, but they also have a nice selection at the Dollar Tree.
  • Sharpie Markers or Pabeo Porcelaine Markers
  • Oven (preheated to 350 degrees)


How to Make Do It Yourself Sharpie Coffee Cups

  • Using your markers create a design or photo on your coffee cup.  There is NO limit on what you can create!  Use stencils if you feel the need to be perfect.  Or not.
  • On the bottom of your cup (or bowl) write “Hand Wash Only!”
  • Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Turn the oven off and allow your project to cool completely.  It is possibly to smudge the design if you touch it before the design is fully dry.

As you can see in the first photo in this post, my daughter (age 6) chose a light blue color for her dress and the handle.  When the coffee cup came out of the oven she was so sad that it was not bright and cheery.  The blue turned an icky greenish color.  That was easily fixed by taking a teal sharpie, going over the trouble spots, and then baking again.  The final project turned out perfectly!

This is a fun craft to do with kids.  Grandparents will LOVE getting this for a gift and they make nice teacher presents too.  I cannot tell a lie – I want one for me too!

We love crafting!  Be sure to check out our Craft Posts for more ways to create fun, frugal crafts at your house!