Holiday Gift Guide: Rite Aid Photo Gift Codes (sweatshirt and melamine plates)

Photo gifts are my go-to present every single year for grandparents.  We live 3,000 miles away from all of our relatives.  What better present is there for the grandparents who have everything under the sun than a photo gift?  Kids like these gifts just as much as adults do (at least my kids do).

You can take care of your photo gift needs at the Rite Aid Photo Center.  You can even have your gifts shipped to a store in someone else’s town and have them pick up their gift at their local store.  That’s kind of fun and something I would do to my mother-in-law.

Ordering from Rite Aid is fairly simple.  There aren’t a lot of confusing extras so the site is very straightforward.  I recently ordered a sweatshirt with a photo on it.  It was delivered to the store 3 days after I placed my order.  The fast delivery was a very big surprise.  The sweatshirt turned out well.  It is currently on its’ way to Oregon where it will be opened in a few days as a present.  I will give you an update on how well it holds up after wear around Valentine’s Day.  😉

If you want to create some photo gifts here are two coupon codes to use at Rite Aid.  These codes are valid through December 31st, 2010 and are for Buy One Get One Free.  It is rare to see such great coupons for photo gifts, so be sure to take advantage of these unique code for Coupons are Great readers.

Buy One Get One Free Adult sweatshirt – use code AVIPASSTBG

Buy One Get One Free Picture plate – use code AVIPPPBG

Happy creating!

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