Kroger Digital Freebie: Load the Betty Crocker Muffin or Cookie Coupon

It’s a Kroger Digital Freebie Friday.  Woohoo!  This week’s treat is sweet.  Right now you can load the Kroger freebie digital  coupon for one Free Betty Crocker Muffin or Cookie Mix to your shoppers card.

This coupon is only available to download today (November 1, 2013) and  it expires on November 16, 2013. Use this coupon at the Kroger chain of stores…which is  a long list of affiliates.

I pick up the freebies at Kroger even if  they are something our family does not eat and I put them in my Food Bank  donation pile.  My belief is that someone else will eat if we will not.   Hunger is such a problem in our nation right now!

There were several new coupons available to load to your shoppers card.   I recently had to print out my digital coupon list for Kroger because I  kept forgetting about great coupons I had loaded to my card!

Save money one coupon at a time!   Print coupons from the following websites.

Redplum |  SmartSource   |

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