Owl Clock Locket Necklace: Around $3 With Free Shipping

The mail lady brought us a fun Owl clock locket necklace from Amazon the other day.  To say that my girls were excited about this little owl clock necklace is an understatement.

You see, I only purchased one.  It is a Valentine’s Day gift for Little Sister’s preschool teacher who loves owls.  But my girls have begged me to each have their own.  Big Sister wants to practice telling time (and how can you say no to a child who wants to practice time telling?) and Little Sister love popping open the owls wings to see the clock inside.  Soon she will be telling time too.  So what’s a mom to do?  When the prices are:

Flappy Wings Owl Locket Watch Necklace: Only $2.82 with free shipping
Flappy Wings Owl Locket Watch Necklace – BONUS PACK with Pin Badge and Gift Wrap: Only $3.17 with free shipping

A mom places an order for two more of these owl clock locket necklaces!  And then crosses her fingers that they come in time for Valentine’s Day (they come from Hong Kong).

You may also want to check out Cute Owl Necklace only One Dollar Shipped (the price has gone up by a penny or two since I posted that article).

What do you think?  Do you know the perfect person who would love to receive one of these necklaces?

Disclaimer: Amazon prices fluctuate quickly so it is best to order as soon as you see products listed at rock bottom prices   Please make sure you check the current price on Amazon.com before purchasing. This post contains affiliate links .

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