Using Coupons at Kohl’s

I have been to Kohl’s so many times recently that I have favorite cashiers!  The coupons at Kohl’s have been insane lately and have kept me going back time and time again.  Tonight I paid $10.59 out of pocket (that includes sales tax) and saved $141.08, which is a 92.49% savings on clothing!

I bought:
$9.99 Levi’s (Girls)  – clearance from $24.99
$2.00 Keds Tights –  clearance from $10.00
$1.20 Trimfit Tights – clearance from $6.00
$3.00 Toddler Bathing suit bottoms – missing a top
$1.19 Undies – clearance from $2.99
$11.00 Sophie Rose 4th of July dress – sale from $22.00
$11.60 Simply Vera Wang Sweater – clearance from $58.00
$4.80 Axcess Shirt – clearance from $24.00

I used the following coupons in two transactions:
My Kohl’s card discounts were 30¢ and $3.08

Shopping at Kohl’s really pays in the end.  I received the $10/10 last week when I was in.  The $10/20 was on my mailbox and on a local newspaper.  It is definitely time to stock up on clothing!