Chocolate Covered Strawberries: You are a Berry Special Valentine Printable

Chocolate covered strawberries are a hallmark of Valentine’s Day.  You do not need to break the bank to give this Berry Special Valentine this February.  Right now (after Christmas) is a great time of year to check your grocery store clearance section since most stores will be clearing out  almond bark.  One package of almond bark goes a looong way!  For a healthier version of this delicious treat you could use Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (which are free of many of the common food allergens).

you are a berry special valentine

To make Chocolate Covered Strawberries I find it is easiest to use my slow cooker.  I put the almond bark into the slow cooker on “low” and then wash the strawberries while the chocolate is melting.  I allow the strawberries to air dry then give them a quick pat with a paper towel.  A completely dry strawberry is necessary for this project.  A quick stir of the almond bark turns it smooth and ready for dipping (and spinning) the strawberries.  Lay them on a drying rack to dry (you can spray this with Pam or a cooking spray to help prevent sticking).  You could set them on parchment paper as well.  Once the strawberries have hardened you are ready to wrap!  Putting them into the fridge will help speed up the time it takes for them to set.

make chocolate covered strawberries

Using a cellophane bag, I wrapped the strawberries and tied with a ribbon.  I then attached the “You are a BERRY special valentine” tag to the ribbon and have a cute teacher gift for Valentine’s Day!  Please note: Judy left a comment saying that a box is a better option than a bag due to “sweating” strawberries.  Thank you Judy!!!

chocolate covered strawberries gift valentines day

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  1. Judy Graf says

    I’d like to suggest a box instead of a bag because the bag can make the chocolate “sweat” and get messy!