Crafty Tuesday: Thank You Cards #lovinlogistics

Sending Thank You Cards is incredibly important to me and I want my girls to learn the value of a handwritten note.  Since my girls are four and (a few weeks away from being) three sitting for long periods working on Thank You’s is more of a chore than fun.  I decided that this year we were going to make ONE thank you card and I was going to have it photocopied.  By taking the chore out of the task of writing Thank You’s and making it fun I believe the girls will be more inclined to want to do this in the future.

This may be a totally lame Crafty Tuesday post, but the point is this – Do crafts that are at your children’s level.  Get out supplies that your children bug you to use, but you always say no (Sharpies).  Turn something that you should be doing (like Thank You cards) in to a quick, fun craft.  Not all crafts need to be long drawn out masterpieces.  Some of the best works are done in a matter of minutes.  Crafts should be fun.  My girls loved using the Sharpies and have asked when they get to use them again.  :-)  I call our very simple Thank You cards a success.

I worked with The UPS Store through Collective Bias and received compensation for my time and materials.  I truly love my photocopies from The UPS store and will put one of those in each of the girls’ memory boxes rather than the original.  The smooth paper is soooo nice.  The employees at The UPS Store were genuinely nice and my experience was very pleasant.  The services provided by the UPS Store includes photo copies (color and black), shipping, packaging, notary, computer, and more.

Happy crafting!


  1. Chara says

    I think this is a great suggestion to do with the kidlets! We do lots of thank you cards, however, the idea with the UPS is splended and a time saver.
    Thank you cards in reference to weddings is my pet peeve so I will not get on my soap box!
    Stopping by to say hello after I was gone a short time. I have had a lot of changes in my life for the better, including my career. Hope all is fabulous with you. Make sure you swing by my blog. Everything will be back up and running in its normal fashion very soon.
    When you get a chance please shoot me an email so we can talk! Thank you!
    Stay Fabulous

  2. says

    Oh my, I love a hand written thank you! It seems to be a dying trend though – get more computer copied notes these dasy (if any at all)!

    I love the idea of them doing their own – I always wrote it out and simply had them sign or scribble as was approoriate at the time!

    My girls are now almost 5 and 3.5 so I think this year we will attempt them doing it on their own! I like the idea of just doing 1 so they don’t think it’s a chore & they can take their time on it & create a real masterpiece – lol!

    new follower – via blog hop!

    would love a follow back – I do tons of crafts and activities with my girls & of course blog about it! Hope to see you there!


  3. says

    Haha. Then you’d love the story I have about the mass produced thank you notes with a generic, “Thanks for the great gift” message printed on them by a computer we received for one wedding gift!! I was appalled! I would rather NOT get a thank you not AT ALL than get one like that!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh Tabitha, do not get me started on not sending thank you cards for a wedding gift. That has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.

    We live so far away from our relatives that our cards and letters really are the only contact they receive. My great grandma died this month and I was sad with myself that the last time I had mailed her pictures of my girls was entirely too long ago. It is my resolution to be much better at sending photos and notes to grandparents. They certainly won’t be around forever.

    Yay! Those few crayon scribbles turn in to fun artwork soon. I am sure all your family would love you to share them. <3

  5. says

    I love it! My son is two so up until recently I sent thank you cards on his behalf. But now he’s big enough to “contribute” even if it is making a few crayon scribbles inside the card!

    I think sending thank you cards is a dying trend. I’m ashamed to say that many of my generation and younger don’t value it. It steams me up when I give a wedding gift to a young couple and receive NO acknowledgment!

    So glad to see there are others that still value it!


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