DIY Towel Hooks Tutorial

Very slowly, we have been updating our house one room at a time.  First it was the downstairs powder room redo, then it was  a simple cabinet in the laundry room.  The upstairs received tile, paint, a custom framed mirror, and then it was time for some DIY Towel Hooks.  The big debate was a good ole brushed nickel towel holder OR something more colorful and fun.  We opted for more color.

Creating custom made towel hooks is easy, fun, and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – especially because Coupons Are Great!

I started by shopping at JoAnns (which is my favorite craft store because their coupon policy is simply awesome).  I found three wooden circle plaques (also available on Amazon) and used three 40% off coupons, bringing the cost down to about $2 or $3 each.  I picked up some cheap acrylic paint (similar to this) which was on sale.  You can purchase acrylic paint at Walmart for around 55¢ per bottle, which is a great price!  Then I painted the plaques.  Next up it was my husband’s turn.

We wanted to use a simple hook on these custom towel holders, but we didn’t want a million screws to show.  My husband drilled a hole through the plaque.  Then he took his paddle bit and drilled out a little bit more so the screw would sink into the wood.  Since this is a towel rack in a children’s bathroom my husband drilled two identical holes (using the hook as a guide) so that the wall plaque didn’t start to spin after repeated use.

The next step is to measure where you want your towel hook on the wall and then to secure it in place.  Since a paddle bit was used the screws that mount it to the wall are sunk in and can be hidden by the hook.  Attach the hook to the towel hook and you are set!

When we were testing hooks the towel slid off pretty easily so we wrapped a little square of balloon around the end to see if it helped the towels stay on better.  We did this on the hook above.  Honestly, there is no magic staying power with that bit of balloon on the hook and all the towels stay equally the same.

The price of this project was approximately $17.  The plaques were about $3 each from JoAnns, the hooks were $2 each from Walmart, and the paints were 55¢ each from Walmart.  If you have been in the market for a towel holder lately you may know that this is approximately the same price as a silver towel holder that you can pick up at just about any store!  But when you do it yourself there is so much more to be proud of and so much more character in your house!

We love crafting!  Be sure to check out our Craft Posts for more ways to create fun, frugal crafts and projects at your house!