Family is Great: Our Week in Pictures Through April 15th

Over the last week we were very busy.  It seems like all we did today was clean the garage….probably because that is what we did ALLL day long.  It actually feels good to sit at the computer for a little bit.  This week:

We counted money and took the task very, very seriously.  I mean, you have to be serious if you are sorting the coins and using a magnifying glass to do so!

Made tulle poofs to hang on the ceiling.  My four-year-old fell in love with these at Bath and Body Works.  We made four and she has them hanging in her room.  Come back on Tuesday for our Crafty Tuesday post and you will see just how we made it!  You seriously need only 4 items to make this craft!

Some of the extra tulle found it’s way to making Ninja Duck and Super Bunny.  These guys are constantly with us!

If you are looking at the photo above and thinking “Oh no, please tell me she didn’t wear socks with flip-flops outside of the house?”  I have four words for you, “Oh yes I did!”  I am not even ashamed.  :-)

My five-year-old scored her FIRST SOCCER GOAL!!!!!!!!  She is the player in blue who is furthest on the right.  There were 8 players on the field and she was the only girl and she scored!  I totally understand why people say they don’t keep score at little kid’s soccer games.  My girls are on the same team and have had 5’ish games.  This is the second goal the team has EVER scored in the whole season.  They truly are improving though.

This is how happy we were that big sister scored her goal.  Little Roo does not have nearly the same concentration, desire, or skill as her older sister.  She is happiest when she is on the sidelines.

While cleaning out the garage we tried on our roller blades.  To put this into perspective: the last time we wore our roller blades was when we were in college.  We graduated college in 2003.  That’s 9 years of toting them from state to state (Oregon to Nevada to Georgia) to sit in our garage.  MINE DO NOT EVEN FIT ANYMORE!  My feet grew during pregnancy and now my roller blades are in the yard sale pile.  I kind of want another pair.  Am I crazy?

My husband sprayed the girls with the pressure washer.  Now, before  you turn us in for being bad parents… wasn’t like that.  It was more of a mist.  The girls had sooooo much fun!  Giggles, laughter, and big smiles!

See?  Plenty of fun!

We installed Scramble with Friends and found another five-year-old to play with.  It’s by the same people who make Words With Friends but it is totally BOGGLE!  Boggle is totally one of my favorite games (up there with Scrabble).  I loved shaking the box, watching the dice fall into place, and setting the time.  The race was on.  Scramble with Friends is the same game in the high-tech era.  I love that my five-year-old can play against someone her own age and get a little guidance from me.  Not only is it teaching her spelling but she is also working on greater than and less than concepts.

And a weekend wouldn’t be complete without some dress up.  Isn’t that pirate costume awesome?   We do love pirates at our house – and Peter Pan.  Little sister was wearing her Cinderella dress backwards and when I mentioned it to her she said “I know mommy, now it’s a Wendy dress.”  Ooops, I was supposed to sew her a Wendy dress for….wait for it…..Halloween.  I think I need to call Grandma and ask her to make it.  It would probably be here sooner than I accomplish my own!

We hope you had a great week too!




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    Looks like a great week! I have a pair of rollerblades that are older than that…I graduated college in 1999 :) I think they’re in a closet on my finish attic.