Fun Facts About Dr. Seuss

This week I have the opportunity to go to my daughter’s kindergarten class to teach an art lesson about Dr. Seuss.  March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and it is also National Read Across America Day.  Dr. Seuss kicked Dick and Jane out of top spot for children’s readers in the 1950’s.  We can credit him for giving us fun stories for children.  Below is a graphic I created for each of the students in my daughter’s class.  You can {click here} to get a 4 per page version of this image to use at your own house (or to give to your child’s teacher to hand out to all the kids).

We teach kids the appropriate, child friendly facts in school.  When we grow up we realize that there is more to the story than we were told in school.  Dr. Seuss is a colorful guy with quite a history.  Below you will find the Adult Version of Fun Facts about Dr. Seuss.   All of these facts can be researched online if you want the sources and the full story.

Random facts: Green Eggs and Ham consists of 50 words (that’s it!) while Oh, the Places You’ll Go! sells over 200,000 copies each year (possibly closer to 300,000).

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Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss storybook?  Which one is your favorite?  I bet if you did a little research you might find that it is more political than you ever imagined!