Maximize Swagbucks with Swagbucks TV – Must Read Tips from a Fan!

Recently I learned quite a bit about Swagbucks TV from my friend Sharon.  She was so knowledgeable about how to earn big with Swagbucks TV that I asked if she would write a guest post.  I hope you find what she has to say as informative as I did! – Leandrea

Did you know that average Swagbucks users can earn more Swag bucks without much more effort than simple searches?  I’m just a regular SB user who rarely gets megaSB wins. (Maybe twice, and never on a Friday!)  I have used Swagbucks since August 2010.  I earned just over 5,000 Swag Bucks at the end of 2011.  Most of my points are from  searches and the codes that are sometimes hidden on the blog/twitter/elsewhere.  I’ve only had 4 referrals and none of them are active SB-ers, so my SB earnings likely represent the average user.  Until now!

You see, I have a goal to earn more SB so I can buy Home Depot gift cards to fund my home improvement dreams.  I had previously redeemed $45 in Amazon gift cards with my account balance, and I enjoyed a few nice treats for myself but that wasn’t helping my honey-do list get done!  So I stared at the tool bar, thinking there MUST be a way!  I clicked on the SBTV tab, remembering a friend talking about using that tool to earn while she cooked…..hmm.  Well, that’s a start.  I will watch a few clips and get….a measly 3 SB? That doesn’t sound like the solution, but I was on the verge of great SB earnings!  What I discovered was so exciting that I had to share it with my dear friend, Leandrea!  I figured she already knew this silly little tip but I was about as excited a a child who has just mastered a new skill!  So she asked me to share it with all of her readers because it really is SO EASY (and a little bit addictive!).

So the first tip is to use the Swagbucks TV feature.  Use it a lot.  Whenever you are online, play some clips (you can move it around the screen to keep it out of the way of your other task)!  You can earn up to 75 Swag Bucks each day with Swagbucks TV.  There are tons of clips but it doesn’t matter of you want to watch the same 2 over and over or a different one every time.  The big tip, is that you want to “watch” them while you are catching up on your favorite blogs, facebook, checking emails, paying your bills…multitasking with the videos in the background!  It takes 10 clips to earn 3 SB, and they say, “it’s not how many clips you start, it’s how many you finish!” but you may notice that your SB Meter is credited before the end of each clip so it’s safe to switch any time after you get the credit.  This means you can earn faster if you catch that meter move, in between replying to your bff’s latest posts!  I like to answer surveys for SB (or other point-based sites) once I’ve caught up on my other tasks….double points for multi-earning!

The next tip makes it even easier to earn more SB.  All you need is a smart phone.  There is a FREE Swag Bucks app to watch Swagbucks TV Mobile!! OH. MY. GOSH!  Do you see how cool this is?  When you are bored in the waiting room/car loop/kids practice there is another option to keep you distracted!  The clips include movie trailers which I find kind of fun. The big tip for this feature is probably kind of obvious… can play a clip and walk away (and it automatically cycles through to the next clips)!  The meter will show you your progress and in this ap you will earn 2 SB for every 8 clips you watch.  Anytime you have battery to spare (and time to recharge) you should fire up this ap!  (PS beware of data use restrictions on your plan first!).

My goal to earn Swagbucks Gift Cards for Home Depot started at a measly 50 Swag Bucks earned per day.  That seemed high, but possible just over a week ago. Now it seems like a lazy day’s earnings!  In December I earned a whopping 237 Swag Bucks.  With the new use of these two tools, I am earning that much in about 2 days time!  No kidding!  I win two or three searches each day, maybe snag a code if I am lucky, and watch a ton of clips during the time that I’m online for other tasks anyway!  At this rate I will have $100 to home depot every 3 to 4 months, but probably closer to 3 because I am now obsessed with earning whenever I can!

You too can start earning with Swagbucks today.  Register for an account, do a few searches, and watch Swagbucks TV in the background.  Sign up as one of Sharon’s referrals with this link.