Mystery Shopping: DSG Associates Inc.

For this week’s post on Mystery Shopping we are highlighting DSG Associates Inc.  This is a company that both blog authors have shopped for.  The best part about some of the shops that DSG offers is that they can be conducted from home via the internet or telephone.  Leandrea has shopped the telephone version of the jobs and Jessica has done the internet version.   :-P Don’t you wish I could tell you what I was talking about?

When I spoke to this company on the phone last night they are in need of people in the 18-29 age range.  They really need male applicants, but female applicants in this age range are encouraged to apply as well.  I have been contacted by the company via telephone every time they had an available job in my area.  Their pay is on the good side of the scale and timely.

If you would like me to pass on your information directly to DSG so they call you within the week fill out the form below.  The scheduler I talked with told me to email him directly with the names of my referrals and that the company would call them shortly.