Mystery Shopping: Jobslinger

As a mystery shopper are you ever annoyed or overwhelmed with all of the mystery shopper emails that you receive?  It is possible to turn the notifications off so you do not receive emails from companies.  Personally, I am annoyed with the emails but … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping: Certification

mystery shopping girl

When applying for mystery shopping jobs you know to keep you credit card in your wallet.  No reputable mystery shopping company will charge you money......ever.   You should never pay an application fee or pay a company money to perform a job.  The … [Read more...]

Mystery Shopping: Bestmark


Each week we try to highlight a different mystery shopping company to share with you and tell you about our experiences.  Mystery shopping is not a scam!  You just have to find the legit companies to work for, and we are happy to help you find … [Read more...]

My$tery $hopping: When to Beware

mystery scam002

Mystery shopping is a real thing!  I have completed 56 mystery shopping jobs in 2010 and been paid for more than forty of those job.  There is often up to a two month turnaround to get paid for some shops, which accounts for the discrepancy between … [Read more...]