Mystery Shopping: National Shopping Service

Continuing with our Mystery Shopping weekly posts, this week we are highlighting National Shopping Service.  I have been shopping for National Shopping Service since November 2009 and have completed nine jobs in seven months.  Every single one of those jobs were delivery jobs that I completed without leaving the comfort of my home.  The jobs that I completed required a digital camera and were incredibly easy to complete.

Shopper checks are cut around the 15th of the month FOLLOWING the month you completed your assignment(s). For example, if you completed an assignment in August 2009, a check will be cut for you around the 15th of September 2009. Once the checks are cut, they are then proofed, processed, and sent out on theLast Business Day of the month.

It is {free} to join National Shopping Service.  There does not appear to be any referral program with NSS.