Pillow Pets Deal: Save 75% at Rite Aid

There is a Pillow Pets Deal at Rite Aid!  You will find them marked down 75% which is a huge savings. Both the full sized licensed Pillow Pets and the smaller PeeWees are being cleared out. The large size is normally $19.99, so they are marked down to $4.99. The Peewees are $14.99 marked down to $3.24.  I am in Atlanta and my mother-in-law is in southern Oregon.  She stopped at her Rite Aid tonight and their Pillow Pets were marked down 75% as well!

The manager I spike to said that they received a note from corporate saying they are no longer going to carry Pillow Pets.  They need to clearance them out.

Our gift closet was looking sparce so I picked up a few for birthday presents!