Swagbucks Blog: 8 Point Code!

 Have you checked the Swagbucks blog lately?  There is an 8 point Swag Code available until 8:00 pm ET!

Swagbucks is my favorite way to earn FREE gift cards.  My favorites include $5 to Amazon or Paypal and $10 to Starbucks or CVS.  To accumulate points at Swagbucks the easiest way is to search the web.  Instead of using google or yahoo, head to Swagbucks to search….and win!  Save your points for gift cards or other fun swag.

When you are looking for a Swag Code – look for funky letters and numbers strung together in upper and lower case.  When you enter your code into the “Enter your Swag Code” box be sure that you are not highlighting any spaces before or after.

Get started with Swagbucks today!