Free 4×6 Photo with Santa at Bass Pro Shop!

For all of us frugal moms who still want our child to experience a visit with Santa this holiday season, Bass Pro Shop locations are offering a visit with Santa with a free 4×6 photo.  My family and I went this afternoon, and we were VERY impressed with our entire visit there today.  We went about 2:30 on a weekday afternoon, and it was perfect.  There was no line and Santa spent a lot of time with my children, talking to them and taking pictures.  They took a free picture for us, and they also allowed me to take some pictures of my own.  My kids were also able to color pictures and write letters to Santa.  We filled out our letter with our email address and are supposed to get an email from Santa (which I thought was really cool).  In total, we spent about an hour in Bass Pro Shop just playing the free games and doing the activities they had setup for the holiday season.  I could not be more thrilled with our visit to see Santa today!  What a positive and fun experience it was!  Thanks, Bass Pro!!

For those of you that are wanting more than a 4×6 photo, they did offer packages at what I found to be very reasonable.  They take several pictures, give you your free one, and then you can look at the pictures and choose from some packages (which they can print instantly).  They were in no way pushy about my purchasing pictures and they actually have an option for you to even order online later if you chose!  I also found it impressive that if there is more than a 30-minute wait, they give out passes for a select time that you can return and not have to wait in the line to see Santa!!  This means you will not wait more than 30 minutes at Bass Pro for a FREE Santa picture!  What a great idea!

Many of you are probably already aware of this, but I wanted to be sure to post about this anyway for those of you who were not.   This will be our Santa stop each year from now on!   You can go HERE to find hours and information about your Bass Pro’s Santa Wonderland.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for this post about Bass Pro Shop.  The opinions expressed are my own based on my experience today.