Crafty Tuesday: Create an iPod Charging Station

Create an Electronics Charging Station that can be an iPod Charging Station, iPad charging station, and more!  This post shows how my husband turned a desktop organizer into a charging station for all of our electronic devices.

We have a million and two devices that need to be plugged in and charged. So the real number may only be 17 (and I am sure that is mind boggling to some of you) it sure felt like 1,000,002 when there were plugs, cords, and devices all over the tiny section of the counter next to the fridge. My husband tried several different options that just didn’t end up working for us. The search was on to find a charging station for all of our devices. But the perfect solution just did not exist.

Cheese? Yep, there’s a four-year-old who loves the camera in this photo!

We stopped at Marshalls one night and we found a desktop organizer for $24.99 that I hoped could be turned into the magical device that would clear our clutter. I mean, it was adorably cute. But would it work? Earlier that day we saw the Pottery Barn Bedford Charging Station and fell in love with the product but not the price. Plus, in all honesty, it was too small for our needs.

My husband headed to Amazon where he ordered a RCA WP2UWR USB Wall Plate which is powerful enough to charge an ipad and a short Outlet Saver Power Extension Cord.  When the wall plate arrived he spray painted it black to match.  Then he planned the holes he would need to cut and went to work on this charging station project.  Six circular holes and one larger hole for the outlet and we have everything we need in one perfectly organized charging station.  For under $50 my husband created a charging station that was exactly what we needed.  That beats the $80 Pottery Barn price – and while I still love that charging station……I like ours more!

Tada!  A charging station for all of our electronic devices.  The drawer opens and holds all of our camera batteries and chargers.

It’s amazing how you can turn something from a discount store into a device that works perfectly for your organization needs!

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  1. says

    Love the vertical slots for tablet/e-reader type items. What’s it look like in the back? Is there a power strip behind it? Are the cords bundled somehow?

  2. Mary from Mission: to Save says

    Great idea! def am going to have the hubby’s look at this post. We have the GPS watches too, totally didn’t think about a charging station for those too. Thanks!