Mystery Shopping: A Closer Look

We are going to start more posts about Mystery Shopping.  If you are new to Mystery Shopping read our post here.  Without a doubt I can attest that mystery shopping is real.  Last weekend I completed two jobs, and this week I have two more to do.

I have been a shopper with A Closer Look since March of 2009.  Payments are made by check approximately one month after completing your job.  A Closer Look requires detailed reports.  It typically takes me 30-60 minutes to type up my reports and there is normally some teeny tiny detail that the editor emails me about.  Overall, the businesses that work with A Closer Look are fabulous and some shops can be completed as a family affair.

A Closer Look has a referral program.  To participate you must enter the full name, email address, and zip code of the people you are inviting.  You and your referral are then entered for a chance to win $50 each.  This referral program is typical of Mystery Shopping companies.  If you would like me to use you as a referral to be entered in to the drawing leave me a comment and I will email you for your information.  Please note that you do not need to be referred to A Closer Look and simply clicking on the above links will take you to their homepage where you can apply to become a shopper.