Mystery Shopping: Confero

This week I am going to highlight a company that I have not worked with – Confero Inc.  Until now I have only shared companies that I have personally worked with.  Although I have not worked with Confero I have seen their job board and I am always very impressed with their shops.  You may wonder why I haven’t shopped with them and the answer is simple: the jobs are a little too far away.  The jobs that are close to me always fill up super fast since these are jobs that everyone can benefit from.  And I mean everyone.  You will need to pass an exam to apply for some jobs with Confero.

If anyone has worked with Confero please leave a comment with your experiences.  I will update you after my first experience.

Normally I wouldn’t share a site that I have not shopped with, but if you live in Georgia or North Carolina then you definitely want to sign up with Confero.  And Oregon, Washington, and Florida readers – don’t despair!  There were jobs open in your states as well.


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    While Leandrea has not shopped with them, I have and I DO recommend them! Just make sure to save some of the jobs for me here in the Charlotte area :)