Mystery Shopping: Intellishop

Each week we spotlight one mystery shopping company that we have worked with.   Mystery shopping is not a scam and we tell you about our experiences with certain companies.  We are definitely not paid for these posts.

This week’s highlighted mystery shopping company is IntelliShop.   I have completed 17 jobs with them from November 2009 through June 2010.  IntelliShop is actually the reason I dread turning 30 in December because then I will be too old to do one of my very favorite mystery shops ever!  Payment from IntelliShop is much slower than the other companies I shop for and comes through paypal.  Although the payment is slow I have been paid for every job I have completed.  When I checked the job board I selected seven different states and each state had at least one job posted.

Are you new to Mystery Shopping?  Read my post here for more information!


  1. lauren @ MidgetMomma1200Budget says

    This is one of my favorite companies as well. I have not been paid by them yet but I have done 4 shops with them in the past 2 months since i signed up with them.

  2. says

    I joined. They don’t have any shops in my area right now, but they do have a couple in Panama City. We’ll be going there over the holidays, so I might do one to try it out.