Halloween Crafts for Kids – Egg Carton Spider and Frankenstein Monster Box

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With Halloween coming, we have been having fun with making some Halloween crafts around our house.  They are perfect for decor around the house!  Both the spider and Frankenstein monster are really easy and were pretty simple projects for my 4-year-old to do.


– Egg carton (preferably cardboard)
– Black or purple paint or marker
– Three pipe cleaners
Googlie eyes

STEP ONE:  Cut one of the 12 bottom pieces of your egg carton out.  Paint or color it the color of your choice.  My daughter chose purple (and actually, I had her color several at a time and then cut them.)

STEP TWO:  Cut the three pipe cleaners into thirds, making a total of 9 pieces.  You can discard one as you only need eight legs for a spider.  Pierce eight holes near the bottom of your egg holder around the spider body.  I used a scrapbooking paper piercer to do this.   Then insert the pipe cleaners into each hole.  My daughter was able to do that part herself once I had pierced the holes.

STEP THREE:  Using a small amount of glue, glue on googlie eyes and your spider is DONE!  We actually pierced an additional hole through the top and strung string through it (tying a knot on the inside of the holder to hold it) so we could hang the spiders from above.  I didn’t get a picture of that yet though!


– Square Tissue Box
– Black Felt sheet (around 8×10 size)
– Googlie Eyes
– Pom-pom balls
– Paint (color of your choice- maybe purple or orange?)
– Glue (we used hot glue)

STEP ONE:  Paint the entire kleenex box the color of your choice and allow it to dry.
STEP TWO:  While drying, cut a large piece of felt about an inch larger than the top of your tissue box, making zig-zag lines on the edges.
STEP THREE:  Once paint is dry, adhere the felt (aka monster hair) to the top of the box.
STEP FOUR:  Adhere the googlie eyes, pom-pom as nose and ears, and draw in a mouth.  My daughter also drew all over his face for fun, but the monster is complete once you have made the finishing touches!


Check out our Craft Category for even more Halloween crafts.  The Tulle Wands are decorating my mantle this year and the Pool Noodle Pumpkins are on the entry way table.  Halloween decorating can be frugal and fun!

Have you been doing any Halloween crafts with your children this week?