Crafty Tuesday: Snowman or Snowgirl Shirt Craft Tutorial

With a white t-shirt and a few scraps of fabric you can make an adorable Snowman (or Snowgirl) custom shirt!  This project is easy and the end result is super cute!  I knew my girls wanted a snowgirl so I browsed JoAnns tonight and found the most adorable pink flower made out of tulle.  This is an unnecessary embellishment, but it sure is cute!  After coupons the little flower cost 60¢ which is definitely affordable.

Materials Required to make a Snowman Shirt

  • White Shirt
  • Black Fabric, Orange Fabric (you can get “fat quarters” for 99¢ at JoAnns)
  • Black Thread, Orange Thread
  • Heat ‘n Bond
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle

Make a Snowman Shirt:

1) Iron a small amount of both colors of fabric to a small piece of Heat n Bond.

2) Cut 2 larger circles and 5 smaller circles from the black fabric.  The circle do not need to be perfect and actually look better imperfect.

3) Cut a triangular shape out of orange fabric for a carrot nose  You can round the edges or leave it as an angled triangle.

4) Peel backing of the Heat n Bond off the fabric and throw in the garbage.

5) Pin your shapes on to your shirt in their desired place.

6) Iron the shapes in place.  Iron over the pins, take the pins out and iron again.

7) Sew around the edges (with a needle and thread or a sewing machine).

Tada!  You now have a super cute snowman or snowgirl shirt that will make a special little kid in your life smile!

I will confess my mistake – I didn’t use Heat ‘n Bond on the carrot nose and it is wrinkly.  It makes me cringe inside that this shirt is not perfect.  The use of Heat ‘n Bond definitely makes this shirt more durable and easier to sew.

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