Crafty Tuesday: 4th of July Tube Kite

This is a craft that my daughter and I made last week for her to use at the 4th of July parade last weekend.   While we made this to look like the American flag for July 4th, you could really do any type of design and colors that you wanted for this craft.  My directions below will be the steps to make the flag.  If you wish to do your own design, skip steps  1 to 3.

4th of July Tube Kite Supplies

  • 12x 12 colored cardstock
  • Multiple colors of  construction paper (we used a sheet of red and a sheet of blue and a sheet of white)
  • Glue Stick
  • Ribbon (various lengths)
  • Stapler
  • Star Punch (if making the flag)
  • Hole Punch

4th of July Tube Kite Directions

Step One:  Cut several 1-inch stripes of red construction paper and a 6 x 6 blue square.

Step Two:  Using your 12×12 white paper, glue the blue square in the upper left corner and then piece your red stripes down the right side and bottom.


 Step Three:  Using your star punch, make several stars and glue them onto the blue square.  This completes your flag!  My daughter signed her name and we put the date so we know what year we made it!

american flag tube kite

 Step Four:  Staple various colors and lengths of ribbon along the bottom of your 12×12 sheet of paper.

Step Five:  Connect the left and right sides of your 12×12 sheet to form a tube.  Staple the ends together.

tube kite stars and stripes 2

Step Six:  Punch a hole on the top part (opposite of the ribbon) on each side.  Tie a ribbon onto each hole to form a handle for your kite.  It is now complete!

4th of july tube kite

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