Make Your Own Festive Holiday Pens with Tutorial

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This year add some flare to your writing with these homemade DIY holiday pens.  They are so simple to make and are the perfect gift to pair with a journal, give to a teacher, or stick in a stocking.

I purchased my supplies at JoAnn’s.  The flower picks were 60% off so no coupon required to save money on those.  The average price was 99¢ before the discount, which means only 40¢ each after the automatics savings.  We were going to get Poinsettia flowers to use, but when we found the picks in a variety of colors and items we changed our minds.  I love the blue/silver/white color scheme.  I used a 40% off coupon for the floral tape, since it wasn’t on sale.  Overall, this project was less than $5.00!

Materials Needed to Make Festive Holiday Pens

  • Pens (you know, some of the free ones you received during Back to School Shopping!)
  • Floral Tape (sold in the floral department…or you can add it to your Amazon order)
  • Festive Flowers/Flower Picks
  • Scissors/Wire Cutter
  • Tape (optional – but a good idea if you are crafting with kids)
  • Glue (optional)

Make Festive Holiday Pens

Hold the flower next to the pen and snip off the excess stem.  I used the “garage” scissors for this project since cutting through wire does not do good things to scissors

If you are crafting with a child, take the stem in place.

Start near the flower, wrap the floral tape from the flower to the point of the pen and then back up to the start.

Optional: Glue the end piece with a dab of glue so it doesn’t unravel

For a cute teacher present, find a vase or pick on up at the Dollar Store.  Add some festive holiday pens and maybe a few glass marbles and you have an awesome present!

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