Make Your Own Festive Holiday Pens with Tutorial

This year add some flare to your writing with these homemade DIY holiday pens.  They are so simple to make and are the perfect gift to pair with a journal, give to a teacher, or stick in a stocking.

I purchased my supplies at JoAnn’s.  The flower picks were 60% off so no coupon required to save money on those.  The average price was 99¢ before the discount, which means only 40¢ each after the automatics savings.  We were going to get Poinsettia flowers to use, but when we found the picks in a variety of colors and items we changed our minds.  I love the blue/silver/white color scheme.  I used a 40% off coupon for the floral tape, since it wasn’t on sale.  Overall, this project was less than $5.00!

Materials Needed to Make Festive Holiday Pens

  • Pens (you know, some of the free ones you received during Back to School Shopping!)
  • Floral Tape (sold in the floral department…or you can add it to your Amazon order)
  • Festive Flowers/Flower Picks
  • Scissors/Wire Cutter
  • Tape (optional – but a good idea if you are crafting with kids)
  • Glue (optional)

Make Festive Holiday Pens

Hold the flower next to the pen and snip off the excess stem.  I used the “garage” scissors for this project since cutting through wire does not do good things to scissors

If you are crafting with a child, take the stem in place.

Start near the flower, wrap the floral tape from the flower to the point of the pen and then back up to the start.

Optional: Glue the end piece with a dab of glue so it doesn’t unravel

For a cute teacher present, find a vase or pick on up at the Dollar Store.  Add some festive holiday pens and maybe a few glass marbles and you have an awesome present!

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