Minion Valentine’s Day Card Holder

BEE-DO BEE-DO!  Minions have stolen the hearts of many people, including my seven-year-old.  Her homework this week was to decorate a Valentine’s Day Box…and she wanted to create a Minion Valentine’s Day Box.  With some recycled materials from around the house we were able to create an adorable card holder.  minion valentines day card holder

In addition to the recycled materials we used our paper cutter (I really like my large, industrial sized paper cutter but Little Sister is able to use the Fiskars paper cutter so we stuck with that one), circle maker tools, and Extreme Elmer’s Glue.

minion making collage

I loved that Big Sister measured and helped with every single step of this project (except for cutting out the circles).  She is so proud of her work.  When the doorbell rang and a neighbor returned something she ran to get her Valentine’s Day card holder to show them!

When I was a little girl we didn’t make boxes at home.  Nope, we created various different heart shaped card holders.  Of course, back in the day it wasn’t normal to give everyone in class candy or another little goody.  I remember being so excited for random pencils!  Things have definitely changed!  Little Sister is giving her classmates some really cute Frog Valentine’s Cards that were easy to make and are really cute.

What was Valentine’s Day at school like when you were a kid?  Do you think times have changed a lot since then too?



  1. LisaLisa says

    My kids would enjoy this they love the Minions, what a great idea! Love seeing your daughter so involved this is to cute!